Our Recording studio

Stiwdio Un is a traditional recording studio equipped to deal with any recording demands. Whether you want a very modern produced sound, a live close feel or you simply need to record a script.

With more than 27 years’ experience in the industry we can provide a solution for all of your production needs.
We have a large collection of classic analogue outboard, reel to reel tape machines, over 40 models of microphone and a beautiful collection of instruments.

We are primarily Digidesign Pro Tools based with an analogue console (all other platforms are available).

Listen to recordings, see pictures or some testimonials.

Our services

  • Recording studio
  • Rehearsal space
  • Residential sessions (recording and writing retreats)
  • Location Recording‘s (orchestras, choirs, brass bands etc.)
  • Voice-over Recording (including telephone voiceover prompts and messages)
  • Mixing / mix:master
  • Mastering
  • Tape restoration and transfers
  • Acoustic advice (installations / events)
  • Recording project advice
  • Equipment and instrument hire
  • Call to discuss your needs 01248600144 / 07985198014
    or simply message us

    Our rates

  • Recording (including engineer) - from £25-£35 per hour
  • Weekend recording sessions (including engineer) - starting from £360
  • Rehearsal space - £10 per hour or £25 for 3 hours
  • Residential Recording sessions - (including accommodation and engineer) starting from £200 per day
  • Residential writing or rehearsal bookings - starting from £120 per day
  • Location recordings - from £30 per hour
  • Mixing and mastering - from £35 per hour
  • Tape transfers and Tape restoration - from £25 per hour
  • Anything you need to hire or for
    further info get in touch
    Price variation dependent on duration of booking