Accessibility and Usability

Accessibility & Usability Statement - 1st Jan 2012

Current Condition

Currently this website has been developed to be cross-browser compatible in Opera 8+, Safari (PC and MAC), Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

If you are having any difficulty in viewing the website in any of these browsers, or indeed any other not listed; or if the website does not display or function on any of your mobile devices, please do let us know. Email the webmaster at

Javascript Support
This website is currently in BETA phase, meaning that it is still being improved. However, the website uses client-side javascript technology to allow for simple and efficient user interactivity. In the near future (in the following weeks) we will ensure that the website's display and function do not depend only on javascript.

Low-graphic and Text Only Option
We appreciate that the website should be viewed without any graphics, and as pure text only. Our next aim is to develop these additional essential tools. Also, we aim to provide a text re-size tool in order so that you will be able to adjust the size of the font to your liking.

Validate markup with W3C
May sections of the website meet W3C strict doctype rules, but we will need to go through the whole website to ensure that this is universally the case. We will also validate the CSS in all instances.

List of items we aim to address:

  • Ensure that content displays as intended without the use of javascript in cases where javascript in not supported, or is turned-off, by the browser.
  • Provide text only, text re-size option, and low graphics option.
  • Provide alternative methods of audio playback, e.g. download option...
  • Ensure that the website displays correctly when the user uses manually resizes the text on-screen.